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Winter Seminar & Reunion IFKK Norway

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Annual reunion and fight technical seminar will be held in beautiful Norway the 26.th of February 2016.


All participants from all varieties and styles of martial arts are invited to this event , this seminar like all previous seminars is a good event for experience exchange and for the most to meet new people from around the globe.
The seminar is hosted by IFKK Norway branch and the instruction is given by Shihan Goksel Sahinbas along with Can Sahinbas ,Shihan Malik Akhtar ,Shihan Changezi & me.
Participation : Free for all IFKK Invited persons ,all others 35 Euro
Accommodation : We will arrange accommodation on low cost .Meals and beverage: is covered by IFKK

Please use contact form or send an email to Shihan Malik Dilnawaz at malik@kampsportlaget.com

The event is also posted on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/149434835412887/