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Shihan Malik Dilnawaz


Shihan Malik Dilnawaz was the co inititator to start up IFKK with Shihan Goksen & Can Sahinbas.Since Shihan Malik has been into sports coordination over a longer period he was elected to be the international affairs director.His background as leader for Norwegian Martial Arts Federation region East and as the head of UFKK  Norway has given Shihan Malik to develop the organization on a wider platform .

Shihan Malik has been practising Karate over severeal years , the startup was at the age of 7 at the dojo of Hanshi Olfat ,Kyokushin Karate master from Iran .Over the years after Nidan (1995) Shihan Malik moved on to training with Shihan Akhtar and later in a joint collaboration under Shihan Sjaak and Shihan Akhtar’s supervision until UFKK(2003-2011) was discontinued in Norway.

Today after 3 years of establishing IFKK , the joint venture has shown strengt.The organization is growing and Shihan Malik is doing his part in beeing here as the representative for IFKK . Today the strogenst allies for Shihan Malik are in addition to the IFKK organization , Kancho Seishin Iwashita, Kancho MasahiroMotomura, Shihan Idrees Baig Changazi, Soke Andrey Coulombe,Kancho Hoosein Narker ,Shihan Rahmatullah Naziri,Kancho Shirzad and Shihan Jaqcues Jadotte.


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