• IFKK • International Federation Kyokushinkaikan Karate • 国際極真会館空手連盟 • O.C.B | International Federation of Kyokushinkaikan Karate

Organization control board(OCB) Chosen by election / collaboration 2015


Organization control board is a committee set to maintain and serve for members. OCB’s main aim is to have focus on developing a good structure for members and for the organization it self .

All matters are handled by the OCB before its is taken to a decision ,usually by voting .

The Members of OCB are elected every 4 years ,some members can be inducted due to organization expanding .

OCB 2015-2019

Goksel Sahinbas – President
Can Sahinbas – Technical director
Dilnawaz Malik – Advisory council / International Contact / International issue officer
Denis Akadimah – Board member
Idrees Baig Changezi – Board member
Denis Vera Aedo – Board member
Ali Hassan Malik – Board member
Dilara Yildirim – Board member -Secretary IFKK Honbu
Idrees Baig Changazi