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IFKK President

ifkk-presidentIFFK President Goksel Sahinbas Shihan (7 Dan), Netherlands and Turkey.1500 students yearly, run his own sports center. Training in Kyokushin last 30 years.Since 2012 Shihan Goksel decided to promote Kyokushin in a modern way , focus on fight techniques with a mix from other standing arts. He wa elected by 7 of the major Shihans to represent the IFKK body as a President and as president ranked 7 Dan in IFKK .

Shihan Goksel delegated the international accreditaion of IFKK Authority to Shihan Malik Dilnawaz in Norway .

Shihan Goksel runs a modern facility sportscenter along with Shihan Can in Netherlands, the website is www.sahinbas.nl.At the sports center training in Kyokushinkai is free of charge, Shihan Goksel has also put up a system for Karate developement through the Uchi Deshi program.